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Airplane Accidents

Airplane Accident: A Flight of Uncertainty

The invention of airplanes did prove that traveling above the ground is really faster than that of below the horizon of the skies, and proved also that, with artificial or mechanical wings, humans can also fly. It is, however, ironic that the proof of huge danger above the sky is beyond reasonable doubt of the mind.

True, it can be the safest and fastest, but the other side of the coin would contradict that traveling by plane can also be the most dangerous. When an airplane crash happens, the possibility of survival is very low as compared to the ship or land transportation accident. It is the prime reason why aviation authorities and airplane companies tagged the customer’s safety as their main priority.

The Federal Aviation Administration or FAA sets the standard, laws and regulations that administer the aviation processes whereas the National Transportation Safety Board or NTSB also regulates the investigation on airplane accidents. NTSB also provides measures on improving aviation practices to avoid foreseeable airplane accidents.

It is unfortunate, however, that despite the strict regulations observed by airline companies, there are still accidents which seemed to be within the control of destiny. The common causes of the said accident are: (1) Piloting Error, (2) Defective Equipment, (3) Negligence, (4) Fueling Error, (5) Violation on Regulations, and (6) Tower Error.

  • Piloting Error- the pilot is the one who holds the fate of people aboard after taking off; he’s the one who manipulate all the control device, and leads the direction of the airplane. Hence, while on the trip, the pilot must be very careful so he could avoid unwanted incidents that might lead to fatal accidents. Some of the pilot’s responsibilities are to check the fuel log and airplane position, and to follow the right flight plan. Worth to note that the Pilot Error is on the top of investigation whenever airplane accidents happen.

  • Defective Equipment- the science of Aviation loses its complexity when a defective equipment has been found out to be the cause of an airplane crash. It then just becomes a talk vis a vis the common issues for the relatives of the victims who were tragically injured or died. In this case, the manufacturer could be held liable for the damages and injuries of the victims. Thus, to avoid this to become the cause, the safety team of the airplane company must always secure the quality of the products they are using in the operation.

  • Negligence- the “premises liability law” states that the property owner or a company can be held liable for injuries suffered by the customer especially when the injuries were caused by alarming conditions happening in the property, or may be due to the negligence of the owner. Crew must be completely aware of what they are doing and what they decide for. The reason why to avoid any accident due to negligence, the Aviation companies must therefore be very careful in hiring their crew or staff who will hold the responsibility of safety and security for the travelers.

  • Fueling Error- managing the fueling system of an aircraft requires expertise and extensive knowledge. Fuel starvation, contamination, and/or exhaustion may cause airplane accidents. Thus, it is necessary for an airplane company to secure the fuel tank before the flight.

  • Tower error- the pilot is quite dependent on the signals given by the air traffic controllers who are positioned in the control towers. They provide pilots with necessary data about weather condition, plane direction, and runway position. Hence, if they have given wrong information or instructions to the pilots, it may be the cause of plane crash or collision.

Indeed, airplane accident has never been a joke to its victims. It has been a cause of disability for some, and death for many. And unfortunate to admit the fact that other surviving victims confessed that if they were just given an option after the accident, they would have preferred death than survive with nothing, but hope to live a life without the trauma of the past.

Undeniably, with the case given, one may simply conclude that one airplane trip could mean everything to those travelers who do not expect death. It is, therefore, a wise guide for every passenger to secure their safety before taking off with the “flight of uncertainty”.

And for the same reason of safeguarding your rights and safety, the Ledger and Associates is tirelessly extending its legal services to those who suffered or still suffering from injuries or damages as a result of aviation or airplane accident. The Ledger team has the best aviation accident lawyer to fight for your claim! We’ll get the just compensation you deserve… Contact us: 800-300-0001.